Student Information

“Very intense and professional program. Great teachers - they give all the materials and patiently answer all the questions. They are very understanding and flexible. They make sure the students pass the exam. I also met and became friends with many students. Highly recommend it!”

Tatiana M., Brookline, MA, 12/7/2013,

“This program was a very valuable learning experience. The teachers and trainers were very knowledgeable, experienced professionals. They shared with us a lot of practical tips applicable to the job. I was also happy to meet a lot of interesting people and make new friends during classes. I highly recommend this program for those who want to learn the skills of medical interpreting.”

Lilia E., Framingham, MA, 12/9/2013,

“Thank you so much for teaching us. It has been a wonderful course, interesting and very enjoyable. I will never forget my instructors; they were excellent.”

Wassim, 11/23/2013,

“I have learnt a lot from you and all the teachers during this 60 hours training. I appreciate you and all the teachers very much for all of you generously providing so much high quality education to us.”

Bin Hu, 11/13/13,