No matter how many jobs you’ve had, interviews are always stressful especially if you aren’t a native speaker of the company’s language!


There’s nothing worse than going into an interview feeling unprepared and nervous about what you are going to say. This is especially true if you are applying for a job in a place that doesn’t speak your native tongue! However, we do have a few simple interview tips to help you with preparing for an interview and landing the job!



Interviews - professional dress



Dress the part: if it isn’t specified that there’s a dress code you can either ask the interviewer, go off of what people who work at the company are wearing, or to be safe: be conservative. An interviewer won’t judge you for coming in a suit, but they will judge you if you come in too casual.




Interviews - research

Do your research on the company: nothing looks better to a future employer than if you know a little bit about the company. Knowing what the company does and a little about its history is to be expected, but demonstrating information that shows you did a little digging (like recent awards or project advancements) goes a long way.



Interviews - resume



Know your resume: this is your job experience; the future employer wants to know what you’ve already done and how it will help you in a new position. It doesn’t look good if you can’t remember it…



Interviews - mispronunciation



Don’t trip up on mispronunciation: the worst thing you could do is get flustered from a mispronunciation, either due to an accent or by mistake. Just correct yourself and move on.




Interviews - mirror


Practice with a mirror beforehand: look up common interview questions online and pre-prepare your answers. Then practice saying them to your reflection: this will allow you to practice pronunciation and confident delivery, while making you feel more prepared for any questions that may be asked.



Interviews - questions



Prepare questions for the end of the interview: it makes you look engaged and interested in the position, plus it gives you a chance to find out a little bit more about the company you may be working for in the future!




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